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When it comes time to perform home upgrades and renovations, in most cases, Connecticut homeowners will place their bathrooms at the forefront. With all of the possible options and online resources available, selecting which building materials, fixtures, and layout that will best suit your requirements can appear to be a daunting task. Based in Hebron, CT and servicing the surrounding Hartford, Tolland, and Hartford County areas, Ben Gagne has designed and installed countless bathrooms of all sizes and scope over the years. We have listed some popular trends in bathroom remodeling for you below, which we hope will assist you in the process.

In recent years contemporary style bathrooms are becoming a more popular selection over traditional layouts. Modern style baths tend to be popular among homeowners who are remodeling because they offer visually appealing features that make a strong impression.

Using creative tile patterns and geometric tiles have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Installing new tiles in your bathroom is great way to completely transform your bathroom.

Give your bathroom even more of a cool factor with a dedicated vanity. Bathroom vanities are one of the most customizable features of your bathroom, and Ben Gagne can assist you in locating the bathroom vanity that suits your taste.

A bathroom remodel is one of the greatest ways to add additional value, functionality, and comfort to your home. Based in Hebron, Ben Gagne Kitchen and Bath Specialist offers bathroom remodeling services for any size budget. We can construct your new bathroom or upgrade your existing bathroom with tiling, new countertops, vanities, fixtures, sinks and tubs. We will work with closely with you to ensure the bathroom design is completed within your desired specifications and budget. Contact us today to scheudle your no-cost consultation and estimate!